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Australian biologist about :The Amazing Shrinking Sex Chromosome

Australian biologist about :The Amazing Shrinking Sex Chromosome

Jennifer Marshall Graves, A australian biologist, might be most widely known for the dire prediction: the human being Y chromosome, which makes males male, could disappear completely within the next 5 million years. Within the last few 190 million years, the amount of genes from the Y has plummeted from a lot more than 1,000 to approximately 50, a loss greater than 95 per cent. The X chromosome, on the other hand, appears strong at approximately 1,000 genes.

Media response was predictable, with overheated headlines proclaiming “Men on road to extinction.” But Graves, a biologist at Los Angeles Trobe University in Melbourne, notes that 5 million years is a time that is long a types such as ours, which will be just 200,000 years of age. Moreover, the increasing loss of the Y chromosome might maybe perhaps perhaps not spell catastrophe. If the Y does fade away, we might well create a mechanism that is new making guys.

Experts are uncovering that the mechanisms that organisms used to figure out intercourse come in a state that is remarkable of.

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